160 years


    The First African Baptist Church was organized at Pike's Bluff Plantation in the year 1859. Members of this African American congregation traveled from all around the island to attend worship services every Sunday. The early pioneers worshipped in a little tabby church located near their quarters at West Point Plantation before moving to the current location. The leader, Rev. Andres Neal, served as pastor of 28 years. Under his leadership in 1869, the beautiful framed, front gabled church building was artfully constructed with round arch windows, and an off center, pyramidal roof steeple by former slaves of the St. Simons plantations.

     Since its inception, the First African Baptist Church family has enjoyed outstanding temporal and pastoral leadership, which is reflected both membership growth and facility development. The Cornerstone was laid in 1929. Over the next several decades the church enjoyed continued growth and financial stability.  As part of the 150th anniversary celebration an oak tree was planted and a time capsule buried on the grounds. 

Our Founding Fathers:

Rev. Andrew Neal

Deacon Prince Ramsey, Sr.

Deacon Wesley Lee, Sr

Deacon July Hunter, Sr.

Deacon Joe Abbott

Deacon Hilliard Johnson

Deacon A. B. Sullivan

Deacon Gabe Wilson

Deacon William Henry Murphy, Sr.

Deacon Tobias Fahm