...to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up. Ephesians 4:12

Deacon Ministry: Dea. Alan Ramsey, Dea. Shirley Roberts and Dea. Andrew Patterson

Deaconess Ministry: Deaconness Phyllis Wilson and Deaconess Patricia Austell.

Finance Ministry: Emory Rooks, Maureen Ramsey, Admin. Secretary; Judith Stevens; Natalie Moore-Dixon; Victoria Matthews

Usher Ministry: Emory Rooks, Chair; Quincy Armstrong; Doreen Hardy; Maurice Wilson, Jr

Mana Ministry: Phyllis Wilson, Chair; Dorsea Helton; Rose Knight

Guest Services: Judith Stevens, Chair; Maurice Wilson, Jr; Phyllis Wilson; Dorsea Helton; Maureen Ramsey; Helen Miller

Children and Youth Ministry: Lee Davis, Chair; Maureen Ramsey, Co-Chair, Noni Simmons, Teacher

Evangelism: Maureen Ramsey, Angel Tree Ministry

Music & Worship Ministry: Noni Simmons, Musician

Administrative Services: Environmental Security Building and Grounds: Maurice Wilson, Jr. Dir; Dea. Alan Ramsey; Dwayne Ramsey. Membership Secretary: Georgia Golden

Cemeteries: Emory Rooks, Dir.; Dea. Alan Ramsey; Maurice Wilson, Jr.

Transportation: Dea. Alan Ramsey; Noni Simmons

Media Ministry: Webmaster: Maureen Ramsey

Men's Ministry: Andrew Patterson, Chair

Sunday School: Andrew Patterson, Supt; Mildred Green, Asst. Supt.; Bro. Dwayne Ramsey, Sec..; Lee Davis, Teacher; Noni Simmons, Teacher

First Responders Bereavement Ministry: Elouise Spears, Chair; Emory Rooks, Dir Cemetery; Derek Murray; Anna Ramsey Wrice; Dea. Alan Ramsey; Natalie Moore-Dixon; Maurice Wilson, Jr.

Mission Ambassadors: Gwen Davis, Chair; Almarie Hutcherson, Asst.; Dorsea Helton; Maurice Wilson, Jr.; Andrew Patterson; Judith Stevens; Anna Ramsey Wrice; Dea. Shirley Roberts; Phyllis Wilson; Noni Simmons; Natalie Moore Dixon; Rose Marie Knight; Lee Davis; Maureen Ramsey; Cathy Banks; Mildred Green; Dea. Alan Ramsey